Dubby the Cornish Tortoises Inspirational Story!

When Dubby, my large blue Galapagos tortoise model, was in the shop at 4 Quay Street I made up a story about him to give him a reason for being.

The thing is I didn't expect everyone to believe it. Children would come into the shop and I would explain how he came alive at night and lived under the dance floor in the basement as it had formally been a nightclub called Shades for forty years. The children loved him so much that I was inspired to write stories about Dubby the Tortoise who lives under a nightclub and gets up to all sorts of things with his animal friends. First hurdle I realised from my long discussions about Dubby is to explain to children what a nightclub is!!

In 2022 I will be concentrating on illustrating the stories so that I can get them published.

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The story of Dubby the Cornish Tortoise Being!
Who is Dubby of Quay Street

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