Why do I have a Tortoise as the Fiona Speed Designs logo?

Back in 2013 when I chose to use a tortoise as my logo apart from the obvious pun on my surname I knew that Tortoises held a special place in history and in peoples beliefs. A Tortoise symbolises a long life of peace, endurance, wisdom and knowledge. Tortoises never need to rush or worry. It knows that it has everything it needs is within its shell.

Just like in the Tortoise and the Hare story, the Tortoise represents a person who takes their time through life so that they live it to the full. The Hare represents people who rush through life and miss the true beauty of it.

Fiona Speed Designs is built on this philosophy hence my mantra:

Festina Lente - Make Haste Slowly - Dreckly!

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Fiona Speed Designs Dubby the Cornish Tortoise. A blue Tortoise with a gold crown and the cross of St.Piran on his shell.
Why do I have a Cornish Tortoise as my logo?

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