The Speedwell Cushion, first edition

The Speedwell Cushion, first edition

The Speedwell, the forgotten ship of the pilgrims voyage, sailed from Leiden ,Holland in 1620. But sprung a leak and had to abandon its quest. Some of the passengers then boarded the Mayflower at Plymouth to continue their journey to the New World.

The famous painting, "The Embarkation of the Pilgims"(1843) by Robert Walter Weir, dipicts the Leiden pilgrams beginning their journey aboard the Speedwell. It is dipicted on the reverse of the 10,000 dollar bill (Federal Reserve Note) that was issued in 1918.


The Speedwell cushion shows an appliqued Speedwell ship of modern sail cloth on a linen base. The reverse fabric  is silk / cotton with reflective piping edge.

The Dutch flag is shown to represent the ships place of departure . The St George flag represents the Pilgrams who origionally came from England.

20x20" Feather pad .

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